Mike Smith FCIB
T: 07540 329 365

Interim Management & Consultancy

I am a Mortgage Management Specialist with over 34 years in the Industry 30 of which have been in Management positions up to Executive Operational Director. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Banking.

Any organisation involved in extensive people, process, systems, customer service chain, stakeholder management, and strategic operations and results management in a fast moving and significant change environment has the opportunity to benefit from the input and positive influence of an Executive Operations specialist with a track record of achievement in large scale operations.

Experienced in the full extent of the Morgage Lifecycle from origination through to redemption and all stations in between, including Debt Management, Property Sales and Loss Recovery, having provided successful leadership in the fastest growing New Loan processing operation, and in the servicing of one of the largest Mortgage Books in the UK incorporating the line responsibilities for over 1,000 colleagues I am an industry expert who will assess your operations, propose change, and help direct your planning for greater efficiencies,improved customer engagement and service, leading to reduced operating costs and greater regulatory compliance.  

I also have a strong track record in inspiring others to achieve and will look to leave a lasting positive impact on the culture of corporate engagement and inspiring teams and individuals to deliver the results the organisation wants and to incentivise them to contribute their maximum in doing so.

Having renewed operations in the processing of mortgage applications, and achieved a remarkable transformation of Debt Management Operations which was independently assessed as having low capability and operational effectiveness to reaching and exceeding the upper quartile peer group in an 18 month period I fully appreciate and recognise the importance of change, the need to manage it well, its impact on the business and its people and the crucial requirement to communicate with all stakeholders, embed it and measure its effectiveness. All of that applies whether change is part of a planned strategy or thrust upon organisations as a result of trading performance or structural movement in the industry.

For an injection of know how, positive energy, delivering operational stability whilst injecting a culture of positive outlook during periods of change and potential uncertainty,seek out 30 years of the broadest possible range of Operational Management experience to see you through your challenges by contacting Mike Smith Management Services Ltd.