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First Line & Middle Management Coaching

Truly great organisations have a clear line of sight from their Executive to their front line service delivery teams and back again. And organisations who wish to prosper and sustain their reputation as one of choice to new and existing employees will devote a significant amount of attention to, and investment in, its managers and their influence – because not only will a positive feel good, achieving, developing and enlightening internal culture improve performance and increase colleague retention, it is sure to positively impact customer service, and relations with important stakeholders and service providers.

If you analyse any major organisation, the biggest cohort of influencers, and therefore those who can add enormous value to standards, reputations and performance are those managers who manage groups of first line managers, and those first line managers who manage the teams of customer service providers.

Its a fact, is it not, that virtually every organisational structure results in the devolvement of the most important and influential of all relationships, that between organisation and customer, to the lowest paid, least qualified, and probably most inexperienced and most transient group of employees, the front line service providers. So, the influence brought to bear by the front line managers of the service delivery teams, and that of their managers cannot be underestimated in bringing success to any organisation. These middle and front line managers are the conduits of influence which will determine how the organisational reputation is set and rated in the wider world. The leadership shown by these two groups will be your competitive edge. They will shape the organisation’s future and being inspired themselves, well briefed, confident role models who show intuitively that they enjoy their work experience and believe in the direction set by the Executive, will inspire others to achieve.

Setting the tone, pace, and momentum in an ever changing world and earning the confidence and seeking the fullfilment of an engaged workforce through these pivotal groups needs specific attention and investment. To seek the improvement and understand the techniques which will drive performance in these two crucial roles using the proven experience of a 30 year people management career contact Mike Smith Management Services Ltd.