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Customer Experience Development

Customers expect value when dealing with any organisation. In many respects many customers will wish they didn’t have to deal with most organisations that they do whether for their regular or one off needs or that occassional aspirational commodity or service. So if that is the case there must be huge value to be had in making their experience at a minimum, as painless as possible, or for those organisations with real ambition , to present an experience to savour and which will cement a lifelong, mutually beneficial value enhanced realtionship.

So in delivering your product or service and engaging with customers, how much value do you place on the customer experience ? Over and above the minimum requirement to observe any regulatory obligations for clarity of communication, fairness and transparency of terms and conditions , dealing with complaints honestly and within appropriate timescales, what additional WOW factor is appropriate and within your control to deliver ? The fact is there are so many opportunities for ‘moment of truth’ engagements with customers where they will automatically and instantly benchmark your organisation against others – and for the sake of sustained prosperity and cost of acquisition, it is essential you match up to and where possible exceed expectations.

Attractive, popular, well priced products and services are essential elements of any proposition, but to earn and sustain customer loyalty, their experience in accessing, acquiring, and utilising will determine their appetite for repeat transactions or longevity of service.

So, riding the customer experience, understanding what you put them through, adjusting and realigning in the light of findings plays a crucial part in your understanding of the impact you are having in convincing your customers that you are not only interested in them, but that you are committed to delivering value. The goodwill and trust you engender will seal their commitment and loyalty through a delightful and satisfying experience.

Motherhood and apple pie it is not – commercial value, reduced costs, increased profit , through discovering what irks customers, putting it right, smoothing out processes, removing duplication and adopting a right first time culture, through clear and  meaningful engagement across the whole service chain is what it is.

A positive customer experience = greatest opportunity to thrive and prosper. Don’t leave it to chance. Giving customers a great experience by delivering what they want, when they want it, in a style they appreciate is the gateway to a more prosperous future. To get that help contact Mike Smith Management Services Ltd. and lets start reviewing that customer experience.