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Colleague & Organisation Engagement

The culture and reputation of an organisation are precious commodities in today’s scrutiny society. It is widely accepted that all organisations have a duty of care to their employees, customers, and the communities within which they operate. Beyond that, because of the nature of their operations, some have even wider resposnibilities in relation to the environment and broader population at home and abroad.

 Reputation for fairness, trust, and providing opportunity is no longer something to be taken lightly and the culture and behaviours embedded in an organisation will significantly affect the esteem with which it is held within its market and beyond , with all the commercial benefits attaching to fulfilling expectations.

So the leadership, encouragement and incentive given to employees to faithfully represent their organisation in their dealings with each other, customers, suppliers, and those who they engage in the wider community is a very significant determinant of organisational reputation.

The leadership shown to them will determine the response they deliver. The positive engagement of leaders throughout, will shape employees attitude and engagement, crucial in any circumstance but when the going gets tough the amount of engagement credibility parked in the bank of leaders will be worth its weight in gold.   

So your Mission, Vision and Values statements really mean something  – or at least they should. If they reflect the way you understand life within your organisation to be  and you see evidence  every day of embedded values then you will also probably see that reflected in the way behaviours are instigated with customers, suppliers , stakeholders and the broad church of communities your employees belong to. It really is a powerfull and impactful way of bringing about positive inluence.

It is crucial therefore that you are in tune with how things are. Are your employees engaged as much as you hope they are – how would you know? Do they deliver leadership in their sphere of influence internally and externally  in the way you want to be represented? How engaged are your employees in the understanding and therefore the advocacy of business performance, aims and objectives ? Are they on board with the organisational message and direction, what role do they have in shaping it and representing it? The more they are the more likely they will be to believe it, live it and promote it day to day.

The recognition and celebration of achievements, in their many forms aligned to organisational goals and direction is generally a pre requisite for embedding a can do, positive leadership culture. Engage well, survive and prosper by retaining and developing talent.  Work hard at it when things go well and the leadership credibility banked in those times will serve you well in adversity.

Is your organisation as in tune with this crucial element of engagement as you require in the world we currently live in? Do you have that essential clear line of sight around your internal engagement and the external impact on your reputation? For an independent assessment of how effective your current engagement programme is and to obtain proposals for improvement through the eyes of your employees contact Mike Smith Management Services Ltd and lets get talking.