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Whether in the public, private, voluntary or partnership sectors, most organisations are striving to improve their performance by ‘Achieving Results Through People’. It’s a simple statement, a clear intent, and it was the definition of Management I came across at my first Management training course back in 1981. Now, with 30 years successful people management experience I am offering organisations and people the means to achieve by not only providing an insight on the WHAT you can do to ‘Achieve Results Through People’ but also by focusing on the HOW to do it.

I have a passion about seeing people develop for the benefit of their organisations and themselves.  If you do too and want to know more about how to maximise contribution, improve customer relations and boost your employee feel-good factor then the services outlined below offer just that opportunity.

Interim Management & Consultancy

A short term injection of leadership experience and know how during a period of change, challenge or uncertainty is a tried and trusted route to stability and success for companies. Learn about when and why you should consider impactful short term leadership which provides long lasting positive influence on your people, culture and operational effectiveness.

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First Line & Middle Management Coaching

Organisational performance and culture is fundamentally dependent upon people. Inspirational First Line and Middle Managers are pivotal to setting the tone, pace and momentum in an organisation and creating the distinction between the ordinary, the good and the great. Discover the WHAT and the HOW to achieve the cascade of positive influence in your business through these two crucial roles.

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Customer Experience Development

It might be stating the obvious but customers really are crucial to your business prosperity. See your business through the eyes of your customers to enhance your profit and reduce your costs. Their experience on the journey you lead them through will dramatically affect your future well being. Discover the WHAT and the HOW to achieve great customer engagement positively and profitably.

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Colleague & Organisation Engagement

Its a given – colleagues and organisations pulling in the same direction is paramount to successful business performance. But how do you achieve that and if you do how can you maximise it? Pride, respect, trust, commitment, celebration and representation. It’s a two way street not a no entry for one party or the other. See how you can take engagement and mutual esteem to the next level.

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Non Executive Directorship

The world has changed, and with it so has Non-Executive accountability for governance, strategy, direction, risk management, culture, commerciality, customer fairness and business sustainability. With this, the roles and responsibilties of Non-Executive Directors are to be taken seriously or not at all. Find out why experience gained in 30 years of management can provide your organisation with the directional capability, competence and credibility to cope and prosper in challenging times.

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